OnStage is a school holiday singing, dancing and drama program. To enrol in the program applicants must provide some relevant personal information relating to the child/youth attending.

Collection of personal information

An annual OnStage enrolment form requires the following information to be provided – name, address, date of birth, age, email address, school attended, year, if the child/youth suffers from an illness or disability, details of the illness disability, name of parent/guardian, contact details, emergency contact person and contact details, names of who is authorised to collect the child from the workshop and their contact details.

This information is required to allow each child to be placed in the appropriate age group and to ensure the welfare and safety of each child when they are at OnStage.

Disclosure (sharing)

The personal information provided in a OnStage enrolment form is only made available to the Director and Assistant Director for the purposes of proper management of the program.

OnStage staff are provided names and ages of each child for the purposes of attendance rolls. Any child’s illness or disability details identified in the enrolment form is provided to staff for safety purposes.

The personal information will be used only for the OnStage workshop and will not be shared with any other person or organisation without to permission of the parent/guardian.

Rights and choices

The parent/guardian who signs a completed enrolment form (or person identified by the parent/guardian) will be provided access to the personal information and access to correct any personal information contained on the enrolment form.

How to make a complaint

If any parent/guardian is not satisfied with any use of the personal information deemed to be inappropriate must bring such dissatisfaction to the attention of the OnStage Director.

If they are not satisfied with the action taken by the Director their concerns should be provided to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Contact details

Kristen Lodge

OnStage Director

0401 774 344