The Company Story

The first FunSing was held in April 2009. FunSing is the original School holiday singing, dancing and drama workshop program of the Northern Rivers.

The program was organised and directed by Kim Hernage as a fill in gap in theatre style activities for Ballina children and teens during the school holidays. Kim and her husband Paul believed that singing, dancing and acting activities would contribute to holiday fun and personal growth in the Arts.  Kim and Paul believed that Ballina needed something like this. The program was a success with over 30-40 children participating in the workshops everyday.

The children were inspired by special guest, Soul Singer Lisa Hunt, who offered words of advice in the lead-up to their final performance. “Doing a show is different to rehearsing. Something magical happens”. Lisa went onto say “This is how I started out at that age, it’s always something I loved doing”.

FunSing has had a successful relationship with Ballina Players in Swift Street since 2009 where the workshops are held each school holidays.  The benefit to Ballina Players is that there is a continuous stream of young performers whom are always coming through and help to keep the theatre scene alive in the Northern Rivers.

In 2019, after 33 workshops of teaching children in theatre practices, a new Director was introduced Kristen Lodge. The FunSing company name was changed to OnStage in 2022 with OnStage Theatrical, our after-school program joining in 2024.

Kristen has been involved with stage life and performing since the age of 4, including dance, singing, acrobats and drama and an author of whimsical literature. Kristen writes all the scripts for the holiday drama sessions and oversees every workshop held in Ballina.

OnStage has continued with the traditions of the FunSing program set up by Kim over 15 years ago.

Specialist singing, drama and dance teachers are employed to professionally assist the children. We also employ teachers’ assistants. We draw on these assistants from the talent base of Ballina Players youth performers, Arts University students and talented people in the Arts. All Working with Children requirements are met.

OnStage was designed as a high energy fast pace 4-day school holiday workshop for 6- to 17-year-olds to be held in Ballina NSW.

Since its first day in April 2009, more than 3600 children from over 21 schools in New South Wales and Queensland have been in the program. They have learnt new skills, made new friends in a proven school holiday fun and innovative personal development curriculum.

Those attending learn a dance routine, songs and a drama piece and stage craft all to performance levels.  Developing young people’s self-esteem, confidence and social interaction skills which are also core outcomes of the program.

Workshops are held regularly during the Autumn, Winter and Spring school holidays at the Ballina Players’ Theatre.

Many children that have attended the program have gone onto to receive major and minor roles from Ballina’s local theatre company and other professional theatre productions.


We are pleased to announce that starting February 2024 OnStage Theatrical After School Classes are coming to Ballina and Alstonville.

These classes have been designed to teach children from Grade 1 to Senior Grades in High School are more detailed look into theatre. The students are given the opportunity to develop and enhance their performance skills in drama, dance, singing, and stage craft with a performance at the end of the year.





We’re All About the Arts Sing, Dance, Drama

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